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What does "Finished" mean?

"Finished" means I've read it once and come to a final conclusion about it. I may have read it cover to cover. But in many cases I have not. In those cases, I indicate it in the table below. This of course is strange because the page is called Books I've Finished, but it'll have some books I haven't technically finished. I used to have a page called "Books I've Read" that covered unfinished books, but I found it redundant. So it's all collapsed into this one page.

Book List

The following is a sortable list of books I've read that will be expanded over time.

Title Author Genre(s) Fiction/Nonfiction Ebook/Print/Audio Year Completed (yyyy) One Word Finished? (Y/N)
Suttree Cormac McCarthy Literary Fiction Print ?? Beautiful Y
Down and Out in Paris and London George Orwell Literary Fiction Audio 2015 Funny Y
Animal Farm George Orwell Literary Fiction Audio 2015 Insightful Y
The Martian Andy Weir Science Fiction Fiction Audio 2015 Perfect Y